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Company Overview


Document Management Solutions is an Arizona based technology and services organization that helps businesses deploy smart document management strategies and helps to find more efficient ways to complete your daily tasks. Our intent is to constantly lead with innovative technologies, products and solutions that clients can depend upon to improve business results.

At Document Management Solutions, we specialize in improving your records management and document workflow. We develop our recommendations to integrate with your existing systems, addressing issues from file identification, classification, and description to records retention policies and scheduled document destruction. We implement technology and procedures that are guaranteed to ensure accuracy, efficiency and timeliness. We strive to build document storage solutions around the individual needs of our clients.

Document Management Solutions’ Services expertise includes helping businesses develop electronic document archives, analyzing how employees can most efficiently share documents and knowledge in the office.  To compliment this service, we also provide on or off-site document imaging services and back-file conversion of your existing hardcopy documents allowing them to be imported into an existing program or possibly DocuWare and retrieved electronically.  We can also help you regain your office or warehouse space by storing your hardcopy documents in our safe and secure warehouse throughout the desired document retention period.

Document Management Solutions offers comprehensive on and off-site business document management and storage solutions to our clients. Our services are tailored to fit small, entrepreneurial enterprises and larger corporations utilizing the full spectrum of corporate information management services. We customize our services to fit the needs for our valued clients.

Another area for increased efficiencies and cost savings is our Managed Print Services.  Many organizations spend from 3 – 5% of their total revenue on the cost of creating documents.  Our customers can expect to see a 20 -30% reduction in their overall print cost under our program.  This also frees up IT to attend to more important issues rather than printer related service calls.

Document Management Solutions was founded on and continues to thrive upon innovation. Our ability to deliver leading edge technology to the marketplace is how we are positioned as a valuable resource to our clients. We continually strive to meet our client’s needs by offering new and innovative products to the market.

Value Proposition

Today’s business world is complex and difficult to navigate. Facing challenges from everywhere with mounting competition, diverse client demands and tightening regulation, we must find a way to manage our business processes to increase efficiency and competitive advantage.

Business Process Run on Documents

We need not be reminded that vital business processes rely heavily on documents.  Some take the form of paper, such as invoices, checks, or bills of lading.  There are also digital documents like emails, web pages and online orders.

Powerful Opportunities for Improvement

By controlling the flow of information, we know we can make a tremendous impact on your business by positively contributing to:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Overhead Expenses
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Enhance Competitive Edge
  • Minimize Legal Risks

A Growing Cost

We recognize the importance of documents by the large size of the budget allocated to spend on the document-related processes.  According to a recent study, thousands of companies consume as much as 3 – 5% of their annual revenue on managing documents and document-related services.  That figure may well rise when you consider those small business which may have yet to incorporate the more effective systems.

How We Can Help

At Document Management Solutions we specialize in helping our clients navigate their document challenges.  There are two specific ways we can help.

How DMS can help your business

Document Management

Goal:  Streamline the flow of information through business processes to reduce costs, enhance competitive advantage, improve customer service, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Print Management

Goal:  Direct the paper output to the right device to ensure the highest productivity and lowest cost.  Combined with our Managed Print Services, you save money and reduce your monthly expenses.

Make the transition to Document Management Solutions, a business partner who knows that more and more companies are depending on digital workflows and the digitization of documents to improve their business. No matter what industry, Document Management Solutions can help maximize staff efficiency, reduces costs, improves customer service, meet regulatory & compliance issues and provides security for every document that is

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