Daily Safety Health Check

New!! Daily Server Health Check Service
Keep your IT systems healthy – for just $29.95 per month.

Your server is where all of your business data is stored, so it’s vitally important its health is maintained, for example: disk space is managed, Windows Services are operating as designed and the Exchange Email Server is working as it should.

Document Management Solutions Daily Server Health Check monitors the most important aspects of your system each and every morning, ensuring everything is working correctly – and alerting you when it’s not.

Peace-of-Mind for around $1.00 per Day
For just $1.00 per day, we’ll run a daily check of:

  • Drive Space
  • Exchange Store Size on Email
  • SNMP devices; printer, photocopiers
  • File and Folder Sizes
  • Physical Disk Health
  • WSUS Patch Management Updates
  • Hacker attempts
  • Event logs

We send you a short start-of-day report – before you even arrive in your office – showing the exact problems if any are found. You can fix them yourselves – or you can ask us to help.

If we find no problems, we’ll still send you a short note showing that we have checked these two critical systems and that everything is in order.

Free Trial

Is $1.00 a day worth knowing that your systems are healthy and running smoothly? Contact us now to start your free trial!

Contact us for a free 35-day Daily Server Health Check trial. It takes just five minutes to set up, and there’s no obligation.

Ensure your business is safe and secure with Document Management Solutions!