Records Management



  • Speeding the pace of your operations
  • Reducing operational costs, while boosting the productivity of record center staff
  • Streamlining how content is shared and accessed throughout your organization
  • Bringing accuracy, systematic control, consistency and standardization to your business processes
  • Minimizing the likelihood of litigation losses resulting from lost documents

Records management, document storage, imaging services and confidential shredding
Document Management Solutions provides a full range of information management services including records management, secure document storage, secure shredding, scanning and image hosting, file tracking software solutions and consultancy services throughout Arizona. We provide a more comprehensive solution than the offsite document archiving of the past. Rather than ship out and store documents and data offsite in archive storage facilities, Document Management Solutions provides a full end-to-end records management solution which manages and cares for records from creation through to secure destruction and every step in between.

Records Manangement
Secure storage and management of all company information, documents and data

Scanning and Imaging
On demand and bulk scanning services to convert your paper documents to digital media.

Confidential Shredding
Secure confidential destruction and paper shredding services to support your company against fraud.

File Tracking
According to the International Data Centre (IDC), staff can spend up to 35% of their time searching for information. Secure storage of records is a necessity, but the ability to track where the documents are at any time of the day or night is a real company advantage.

Document Management Solutions offers a secure file tracking solution which gives customers the ability to track their records 24/7 regardless of where they are stored.