Confidential Document Shredding


  • NO shredder to purchase and maintain
  • NO employee wages to pay
  • NO wasted hours shredding
  • NO plastic bags to purchase
  • NO disposal of bulky, shredded material
  • NO dirt, dust or clean up
  • NO loss of confidentiality

Should business-sensitive information fall into the wrong hands it can damage both your reputation and competitive advantage. And the increasing challenges of corporate compliance and regulation, such as the Data Protection Act and FACTA law, only add to the need to guarantee that all confidential information is disposed of securely and correctly.
Document Management Solutions secure shredding and data destruction service provides a safe solution for companies needing to dispose of confidential information including documents, x-rays, media tapes, DCD/DVD media and computer hard drives.

Confidential paper disposal
Our tailored confidential shredding and data destruction solution will provide a secure shredding and disposal service that protects your organization through an ongoing, managed program. Our scheduled or ad-hoc services include the placement of paper shredding consoles or bins throughout your premises with an agreed collection schedule, one-off office purges and clearances, the supply of security sacks and the collection of archive boxes for disposal.
All our processes are fully auditable from pick-up to disposal and are supported by the provision of a data destruction certificate on completion.

An effective secure destruction program
To deliver the most effective confidential shredding program, our team of professionals will ensure they have a real understanding of your organization, investigating areas such as business activities, structure, processes and locations.

From an agreed secure shredding plan we will place securely locked shredding consoles or bins in strategic locations around your premises. These consoles and bins contain specially designed secure sacks which collect the paper to be destroyed. The sacks are then collected by on of our team in line with the agreed collection schedule and removed to a secure location where the contents are shredded. As a managed service the schedule can be adapted to meet changing requirements through regular contact with your personal Document Management Solutions business consultant.