Document Imaging


  • Improved cost savings & efficiency
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Compliance & Security
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Business Process Integration

What if you could find the file or record you needed within seconds and without leaving your desk? Wouldn’t that be convenient? Efficient? Productive? Working smart?

If you have lots of paper – say in file cabinets, or in file rooms, maybe all over the office, even in boxes next to your desk, then we know your frustrations and there are many.

  • Your files get lost or not re-filed correctly
  • Security is a great concern, especially in this day-and-age when you have to be real diligent about protecting data
  • Productivity is low and you’re operating inefficiently
  • Customers are on hold or response times are taking too long
  • You’re running out of space
  • Compliance mandates are coming out of the woodwork
  • What about a business continuity plan? If you lost all those files to a natural disaster would you be able to continue business as usual?

You need help!!


What if you could get rid of all that paper!?
What if every piece of paper was an image you could look up on the computer?

We can help!!

We will scan and process your files according to pre-defined criteria we help you establish.

Document Management Solutions scanning services include the following:

  • Prepare and scan your documents to TIF, PDF, JPG, or other format
  • Index your documents so that you can perform a search and find the exact file you are looking for
  • Use OCR capture services for fully searchable documents
  • Provide the results on CD-ROM, DVD, External Drive, ftp, or hosted on our system, which is accessible through a secure online session so you can retrieve your files from anywhere

Some similar complimentary services we offer are:

  • We can scan and convert your paper forms for electronic use
  • File conversion
  • Microfiche and Microfilm conversion
  • On-site Scanning services
  • We quality assure every job!

How about realizing some benefits like:

  • Obtaining instant access to files
  • Meeting compliance regulations
  • Security: More secure than a file room
  • Reducing threats: Electronic files don’t burn or get wet!
  • Freed up floor space, now use that space to increase profits
  • Operate more efficiently which increases productivity and helps with that bottom-line!
  • Improving and producing EXCELLENT customer service!
  • Saving time and money!

There are many benefits, how many can you think of?

Let your staff work on making you money and leave the scanning to the scanning professionals.

Whether you have one document or a million, our expertise is dependable and our quality exceptional!  No project is too small or too big – we deliver!

Call us today and arrange for a pickup or a drop-off. You’ll be glad you did. We’ll even scan a small box for free as a sample – with NO obligation! Call (520) 745-4477.   Not local to the area? – call us anyway, we can still help.

Outsource your scanning needs to Document Management Solutions!