Document Distribution


What is Drivve | Image?

Drivve | Image is a high performance, feature-rich scanning software that offers you a smart way to enhance and seamlessly integrate your scan workflows into your information infrastructure. Drivve | Image optimizes business processes by intelligent capture, processing and distribution in full security.

How does Drivve | Image work?

Login to Drivve | Image at your scan device and access personalized profiles, that allow for one-touch automated multilayer scan and distribution processes. Two-way communication between your sever, database and business solutions, and your scan device of choice allows you to use existing information to name, categorize and file scanned documents or add important data from manual input, barcodes or intelligent text analysis. Multiple modules help to customize Drivve | Image‘s performance to the need of your business and make sure you will find the scanned document optimized, and enriched by relevant data, filed at the exact right place within seconds.

Learn Who should use Drivve | Image?

Scanning documents is a mission critical task for companies of all sizes. To guarantee the most efficient, enhanced and secure execution of this crucial process becomes key to a successful business. Drivve | Image owns the power to tremendously optimize the scan processes of virtually any organization or person using a scanner.

All in all, …

… by bringing together a comprehensive set of best-in class, intelligent scanning features including foolproof security functions and a ridiculously user-friendly design, Drivve | Image transforms your entire network of input devices into an exceptionally integrative, finely tuned programmable ignition system for your workflows.


  • Drivve | Image supports two-way communication between Drivve | Image and scanning devices — based on Canon®, Fujitsu®, Kyocera HyPAS®, Toshiba e-BRIDGE®, Samsung XOA®, Sharp OSA® and Xerox EIP® technologies
  • Link any scanning device that can deliver an image file to a folder to your Drivve | Image network by using a hotfolder license
  • Easily create customized scanning workflows for each type of document and any type of scanning device
  • An elegantly intuitive user interface that’s easy to learn, and enjoyable to use guarantees consistent user experience across all embedded scan devices
  • Drivve | Image secures vital company information with rights assignment, log-in function, and PDF encryption
  • Choose between multiple indexing and input options right at the embedded scanning device’s control panel
  • Use the full power and newest standards of image processing, correction and cleaning
  • Extract data from scanned documents, such as bar codes, and use it to index and autoroute document output