ROI Calculator

Return on Investment (ROI) is a critical factor when making a significant acquisition. DocuWare recently developed a ROI Calculator to help companies better estimate an investment in a DMS – with just a few mouse clicks. This free online tool provides companies with a custom profile that demonstrates how much savings and profit potential can be unlocked with a DMS. For example, users can calculate exactly how much time, space or copying costs can be saved on a monthly basis.

Another special feature of the tool is that users review specific departments to receive concrete suggestions on how to turn time saved into an increase in revenue. For an Accounting department, savings from improved cash flow or early payment discounts can be calculated. In Purchasing, the ROI Calculator shows how DocuWare lowers costs by helping to negotiate better terms and conditions. In Sales, it calculates how much revenue can be increased by streamlining processes. DocuWare users interested in expanding their DMS into other departments can specifically see where the hidden profits are. The ROI Calculator also makes it simple to calculate how quickly a DMS will be amortized within a certain budget.