Electronic Forms

5 Myths Of Document Automation and EForms



As technology improves, so should our business processes. Yet, many organizations still heavily rely on paper based forms. We continue to fill out, fax, scan and email these documents as part of our normal business process. Once received, these forms are often physically distributed for approval and the data is manually entered into existing business applications.

This process is very time consuming and has a much higher chance of error because forms are often filled out incorrectly or lost, causing the process to repeat. As a result, customers become frustrated with the increased cycle times and wasted resources. Upon completion of the process, these forms are often stored in warehouse for regulatory purposes and can be very difficult to find again.

Document Management Solutions offers Electronic Forms as part of our Solution offering. We have several proven software solutions to choose from. After an initial document analysis, we can recommend a customized solution to meet the individual needs of the organization.

Simple solutions can be implemented without major investments. Once you realize the many benefits of a true electronic form, we can discuss data integration with existing systems and the use of Electronic Forms with workflow and content management.

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