Most Popular Internet Service Providers In Arizona

The internet has played a major role in the evolution of technology since many years ago. One can acquire innumerable types of services with the help of the internet, from entertainment to self-care. Not only has the internet helped people in their everyday lives, it has also played a big role for students. One can learn anything from using the internet. You can find internet services almost all around the world. However, people are not just satisfied with that. They want the fastest internet available and with no limits whatsoever. It was a few years ago when the internet was expensive. Now, it has become such a basic necessity of people’s lives that they tend to overlook the charges for it. 

Today, the USA is the foundation for the worldwide internet. Moreover, it has the most number of internet service providers as compared to the rest of the world. Almost all the states have fast and easily accessible internet service. People from all age groups use it for themselves, making the country to be in the third position for the greatest number of internet users. One of the states with a fairly high number of internet users is Arizona. There are a number of good internet service providers in the state, which has led Arizona to be a well-connected state to the country. The internet medium in Arizona includes DSL, cable, fiber, mobile broadband and satellite.

Some of the most famous internet service providers in Arizona are as follows:

  • CenturyLink– They provide internet services via DSL as well as optical fiber and their average ratings from users are 3.5. The company guarantees the best speed for gaming and promises delivery speed up to 1000 Mbps. Fiber internet plans are their best because of the qualities and speed of the fiber. Their plans start at about $45 and their coverage area is 78.63%.
  • Cox- Their medium for internet services is cable and their average rating is 3. Their download speed is up to 300 Mbps and they offer plans with 220+ channels and On Demand. Their internet packages start at the rate of about $29.99 and they also provide television services to the city with a coverage area of about 63.65%.
  • HughesNet- They use the medium satellite and phone to provide internet services to the people of Arizona. They provide services to the entire state and their minimum cost for an internet package is $59.99. They guarantee their internet’s fastest speed to be about 25 Mbps. They are usually rated to be about 3.5 stars.
  • Xfinity– They provide internet services via cable and their download speed goes up to about 1000 Mbps. Their internet pack starts at about $29.99. They offer plans with 260+ digital channels and Xfinity On Demand. They have other services which allow programs to be recorded and watched at the leisure of the customer.
  • Viasat- Their medium for providing internet services is through satellite. Their download speed is up to 25 Mbps. The internet pack starts at about $49.99 and they have introduced new internet plans in some of the regions. They provide customer care services on the phone as well and their plans are very affordable for the public.
  • Phoenix Internet- They provide wireless internet to about 96% of the city of Phoenix. Their fastest speed is about 15 Mbps. Their internet plans range from about $50 to $70. They also provide cloud based IP voice services and colocation services for businesses.
  • Frontier- DSL and fiber are the medium used by them to provide internet services to the state. Their downloading speed reaches up to 115 Mbps and they are rated to have 2.5 stars. Their starting price for the internet packs is an affordable amount of $27.99. They provide premium technical services to their customers for the first year and they provide those services to almost all of Arizona.
  • Spectrum- They provide services through cable and they guarantee the fact that their download speed reaches up to 100 Mbps. The customers usually give them a rating of about 3 stars and their starting price for internet plans is $44.99 which is applicable for about 12 months. Some of their plans have free international calling for Canada, Mexico and US territories.
  • EarthLink- Their lowest internet plan is $9.95 and their maximum download speed is about 75 Mbps. They use the medium fiber and DSL for providing internet services to the people and the statistics say that they cover about 45% of the city of Phoenix itself. 

These are some of the best internet service providers in the state of Arizona. They are easily affordable and one can see that they reach almost all the parts of the state. Besides these, there are many other internet service providers in the state, all very affordable and easy to access.